The laws of the game of the Association of ball games in Berlin of 1900

A decade after the laws of the game of the Association of German Football Players of 1890/1892 the Association of ball games in Berlin published its football laws, which obtained for the complete association. They are much more comprehensive than… Weiterlesen →

The laws of the game of the Association German Football Players from 1890/1892

The Association of German Football Players was founded in Berlin on November 4th 1890 and dissolved as early as 1892. It was founded by football clubs in Berlin and was to become a nationwide association – but it did not… Weiterlesen →

The Laws of the Game 2019/20 and their historical development

Which are the changes of the Laws of the Game for the season 2019/20? Are they changed before?Nachspielzeiten will check it for you. This is the English version of Die Fußballregeln 2019/2020 und die historische Entwicklung. The IFAB announced the… Weiterlesen →

Rules around 1870 – Football, Rugby and Miscellaneous

In Charles William Alcock’s short piece of writing The Book of Rules of the Game of Football, here online in a 1871 edition from New York, the well-known footballer of the first decades of the FA republished seven contemporary rules…. Weiterlesen →

Football Rules without handling 1847-1863

After the piecemeal comparison of some different sets of rules for football without or with little allowed handling, all of them will are compared in this blogpost. The individual comparisons (all in German): Rules, end of 1840s Rules, end of… Weiterlesen →

The IFAB from 1886 to 1914

This blogpost is about its development until the First World War. The minutes of the individual meetings are linked at the end of the article. The Statutes of the IFAB Until 1893 the union of the national associations from England, Scotland,… Weiterlesen →

The origin of the IFAB and its changing rules and regulations

This article treat the founding period of the IFAB during the years 1882 to 1886.   The International Football Association Board, or IFAB for short, discusses the football rules at the first of its two annual meetings in February or… Weiterlesen →

The development of the FA Rules from 1863 to 1882

In 1863 the FA was founded in London. The annual general meetings of the members 1)From 1876 an entrance fee of 5s was due; the annual fee until 1868 was 1 guinea, then another 5s – the latter was about… Weiterlesen →

Sheffield FA and London FA 1877

In 1877 the Sheffield FA adopted the FA Rules after several years of trying to find compromises. Between 1863 and 1877, there were meetings again and again, especially between John Charles Shaw and Charles William Alcock. There were attempts at… Weiterlesen →

The development of the Sheffield Rules

This month I came across this page listing several Sheffield Rules. More than just the four I’ve used so far. So I was able to update the different rules and the short history of the Sheffield FA Rules. Here it… Weiterlesen →

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