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Rules for determining the winner

This article explains the different ways to decide a undecided game: Toss, touchdown, rouge, away goals, golden goal, silver goal and, of course, the kicks from the penalty mark.   The toss The toss was for a long time the common method to determine a winner when a deciding game ended in a draw. It was listed in numerous rules of public schools, from the beginning in the FA Rules (exception: 1866/67), in the Sheffield FA Rules from 1871 and in the Laws of the Game of The IFAB from 1886 to 1970. Since 1898 the toss was only used for the latter, if the game was drawn after the extra time.   Touchdown & Rouge Other variants in the 19th century to determine a winner in a tie were rouges and touchdowns. Touchdown The touchdown was part of the Cambridge University Rules of 1863 (not in previous editions) and the FA Rules in the season 1866/67. The FA Rules copied the touchdown from the Cambridge Rules, but revised it again after one year. In …

Law 12: Fouls and misconduct

In this article the development of the foul play and other misconduct are described. This includes the unfair, violent and dangerous conduct – thereof separated fouls on goalkeepers, the back-pass rule and DOGSO (Denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity) – and the handball – thereof separated the handball of goalkeepers.