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Cards for Teamofficials 2020/21

Cards for teamofficials 2020/21. An Overview. Cautions as sending-offs for team officials in the 1st Bundesliga (m), the 2nd Bundesliga (m) and the German Cup (m) as well as the Champions League (m) and Europa League (m) in the 2020/21 season. Unfortunately, there are no sources for women’s football that provide the equivalent information. For the last season see here: Cards for teamofficials 2019/20 (only 🇩🇪).

Female football referee in male football matches • A-Z

Not yet biographed: Cristina Cini (SRA, Italy: 2002-2012, Serie A and Serie B) Romina Santuari (SRA, Italy: 2009-2015, Serie A and Serie B) Maria Marotta (SRA, Italy: since 2020/21 Serie A and Serie B) Neuza Back (SRA, Brazil) Mariana de Almeida (SRA, Argentina) Cindy Nahuelcoy (SR, Chile. January 2020: first female referee in Chile) Bouchra Karboubi (SR, Morocco. October 2020: first female referee in Morocco’s first division) María Belen Carvajal (SR, Chile. October 2020: first female referee in Chilean professional football (Primera B)) Zulma Quiñónez (SRA, Paraguay. October 2020: first female VAR in Paraguay) Astrid Gramajo (SR, Guatemala. October 2020: First female referee in Guatemala’s premier league) Karen Díaz (SR, Mexico. December 2020: First female referee in Mexico’s first division final). Im Ein Jun (SR, Korea. Refereed the FIFA U17 World Cup (m) in the early 2000s) Veronika Schluchter (SRA, Switzerland. Was the second female assistant referee in a Europa League match (August 1999)) Casey Reibelt (SR, Australia) Joanna Charaktis (SRA, Australia) Christina Biehl (SRA, Germany, 3. Liga) Kyoung Min Kim (SRA, South Korea, from …

Football technology – A brief overview

Football technology has not been used in the game itself for very long. Football technology is becoming increasingly important. Football & technology have been together for 100 years. On the one hand, they have stimulated each other, on the other hand, they have led to discussions. For example, radio and television broadcasts contributed to the popularity of football and the enthusiasm for the sport had a positive effect on the media. On the other hand, discussions about slow motion in television broadcasts or the use of these as video evidence have been going on since the 1960s. Here is a brief overview: GLT (Goal line technology) After two years of intensive testing, The IFAB chose Hawkeye technology at a special meeting following the 2012 European Championship.