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Football Rules-Petra Tabarelli

About me

Are you ready to delve deep into the captivating evolution of the world’s most beloved sport? Look no further! My name is Petra Tabarelli and I am the expert in the enthralling history of football rules. Nachspielzeiten is my offer to all football referees, football writers … all football lovers who not only want to know what the current football rules are like, but also want to understand their development. How do you get to know about the history of football rules? I made a virtue out of necessity: at the beginning, I only wanted to check when a certain law was introduced. But I did not believe the first chronology offered by the search engine, but checked several of it. And so it started… The dilemma: the dates differed. And not only with this law, but with others as well. The more I tried to find a source I could really trust, the more I noticed the differences: football rules were omitted, different sets of rules were combined without pointing them out, and above …