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Football Rules-Petra Tabarelli

Are you ready to delve deep into the captivating evolution of the world’s most beloved sport? Look no further! My name is Petra Tabarelli and I am the expert in the enthralling history of football rules.

Nachspielzeiten is my offer to all football referees, football writers … all football lovers who not only want to know what the current football rules are like, but also want to understand their development.

How do you get to know about the history of football rules?

I made a virtue out of necessity: at the beginning, I only wanted to check when a certain law was introduced. But I did not believe the first chronology offered by the search engine, but checked several of it. And so it started… The dilemma: the dates differed. And not only with this law, but with others as well. The more I tried to find a source I could really trust, the more I noticed the differences: football rules were omitted, different sets of rules were combined without pointing them out, and above all, many chronologies of websites were copied without checking.
So I started to search for the laws myself. At first I found very few, then in 2018 on Wikimedia I went through all FA Rules and others until 1920.

Is the chronology complete now?

Yes, it contains all official rule changes in football since the early 19th century.

You only deal with football rules?

No, but it is my main focus.

Hi, I am Petra – a historian, archivist, football supporter. And the woman who can explain the meaning and purpose of football rules. The Laws of the Game are the basic essence of modern football and act and react to changes in the game and society. They are therefore a pivotal point for the general development of football. To know about the development of the rules means to know about the entire game of football. I am the only person in the world who has researched the development so well.
Do you want to know more about me? Mara Pfeiffer interviewed me for „Flutlicht An!“ (Sport1). Click here for the interview (it is in German and available via every podcatcher; just search for Flutlicht An!)

Is that what you do for a living?

Yes, I work as a independent author, consultant, presentator and interview partner. These are the forms of mediation in which I already have experience. For example, I support The IFAB with my knowledge of the evolution of football rules, write for the DFB refereeing magazine, and write regular columns for WebDE, especially about women in football.


Open For Collaboration

Here you will find an overview of opportunities for our collaboration. My offers include:

  • writing for your magazine, journal, or newspaper as a guest author,
  • to be available to you as a pundit for interview,
  • referee associations to present the history of football rules in an entertaining way,
  • or to support you in your research.

You can find everything listed in more detail on Work With Me.

I think I need your support. Is that possible?

Sure! I will support you with my know-how, be it in terms of content or methodology.

Just contact me by

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Women Talk About Football

It is very important to me to increase the visibility of women in football and at the same time to encourage football-loving women to show themselves. There are so many non-male persons who, through their enthusiasm for football, have become connoisseurs and lovers.

I myself am part of the wonderful collective FRÜF, which was awarded the Golden Blogger for the best sports blog in 2019 in 2020. Furthermore, in May there will be a live podcast of FRÜF at the re:publica 2020 in Berlin (unless it is cancelled due to the Covid-19): „Why the 2019 World Cup has changed the perception of women’s football“.

Also, I have been appointed a member of the renowned German Academy for Football Culture.



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