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Kick-In instead of throw-in?

A while ago @dbFCZ, who looks after the FC Zurich database, wrote to me. Including a photographed match report excerpt in which the kick-in is discussed. (The kick-in is the equivalent of the throw-in, the thrown-in).

🇩🇪 Hallo! Diesen Artikel gibt es auch auf Deutsch. Wechsele hier zur deutschsprachigen Version.

As so often in the history of football rules: As curious as it sounds, it has existed before and, in this case, even once as part of the rules.

The kick-in in the old football rules

Before 1863, both kick-ins and throw-ins were part of different rules


From 1863-1886: Yes, No … Yes?

The (London) FA Rules and Sheffield FA Rules had it all. While Sheffield FC used the throw-in, the Sheffield FA wrote the kick-in into the rules. In the (London) FA, on the other hand, the throw-in was part of the rules.

Until 1877, when the Sheffield FA adopted the FA Rules in exchange for a few Sheffield rules. Thus, from 1877 to 1886, the FA allowed a choice between a throw-in or a kick-in.

By 1886, the birth of the IFAB and the Laws of the Game, which applied to all four Home Nations countries (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland). In 1886, the Scottish throw-in rules, including the throw-in attitude, became part of the Laws of the Game – and have changed almost not a bit today.

Discussions and experiments

However, this does not mean that the kick-in has not been an issue since 1886, on the contrary. It was only tested in the Netherlands in 2019, almost a decade of it in the 1990s. Did you catch it then?

More info

On the evolution of the throw-in and kick-in.

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